Freedom Fighter

When I heard about the issues surrounding child prostitution in 2007, it touched me deeply. The misery and despair for the young girls, the injustice and the insecurity of their families, I recognized in part from my own experience.

It became one of my missions to join the fight for their freedom, their reunion with their families and to create a second chance for these victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

That’s why in 2008, together with Yolanthe Cabau, Evelien Hölsken and Roelof van Laar, I set up the free a girl foundation. Free a girl is a foundation that frees underage girls from forced prostitution.

Now, almost 15 years later, together with local partners in countries such as India, Nepal and Brazil, we have already been able to free more than 6,000 girls in seven different countries….

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